Проф. др Ненад Перић

Prof. Nenad Perić, PhD


Title: Doctor of Science in The Field of Communication

Position: Full Professor of Social Sciences and Full Professor of arts

Scientific fields of research: management, marketing, communication science, media theory, culture and art

Education:  graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 2002 (diploma recognized as equivalent to the title of master). Specialized at VŠMU in Bratislava, Slovakia. He defended his master’s thesis entitled Media planning-state and perspectives in Serbia in 2006 at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade under the mentorship of PhD Mirjana Nikolic.

He defended his doctoral dissertation Creating and Evaluating of Media Policy on the example of the Serbian Armed Forces in 2008 at the Faculty of Culture and Media in Belgrade (mentor PhD Srbobran Branković). In 2006, he completed the SRO Infantry Department, rank: captain in the section, deputy commander of the company.

Work experience

– Institute for Serbian Culture Pristina-Leposavic, 2021-, full professor (ongoing selection to the research title).

– Faculty of Social Sciences, Belgrade, 2020-2023, Full Professor.

– Faculty of Diplomacy and Security, Belgrade, 2019-2021, Full Professor and Head of the Department of Production of Culture, Art and Media.

– College of Communications, Belgrade, 2017-2021, Visiting Professor

– Military Academy, Belgrade, 2011-2012 and 2024-, Visiting Professor for the topic Media and Security at the Higher Security and Defence Studies

– Metropolitan University, Belgrade, 2009-2021, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and dean of the Faculty of Digital Arts (2013-2016).

– Accademia del Lusso, Milano-Italia, Belgrade, 2009-2010, Professor.

– Vocational College of Propaganda and Public Relations, Belgrade, 2008-2009, Teacher and Professor of Vocational Studies.


– several domestic and international scientific projects and dozens of experts in the field of management, marketing, education, culture, art and media

Membership in editorial boards of journals

– Editor-in-chief of scientific journal CULTURE-ARTS-CREATIVE SECTOR

– Member of the editorial board of scientific journal Social Horizons (2021-).

– member of the editorial board of scientific journal Diplomacy and Security, 2019-2020.

– Member of the council of the editorial board of the scientific journal Quality – Access to Success (WoS-ESCI), 2019-.

– Editor of the Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal of Scientific Research, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 2019-.

– member of the editorial board of the multidisciplinary scientific journal Humanities (2018-).


– Member of the Scientific Committee of the Conference Conflicts Security Challenges of Modern Society – Problems, Dilemmas and Implications, Faculty of Law, Security and Management Constantine the Great, Nis,Union-Nikola Tesla University, Belgrade Faculty of Security and Protection, Independent University of Banja Luka, 2022.

– Member of the scientific committee of the 7th International Conference Media and Economics, Banja Luka College, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, 2021

– Member of the scientific committee of the First International Conference on Sport Safety Management, Union University, Faculty of Sport, Belgrade, Serbia, 2014.

Thematic proceedings

– Editor of the International Proceedings Knowledge Management in Economy, Technology and Education, RITHA Publishing, Craiova, 2024.

– Co-editor of the national proceedings Branding states and nations: opportunities and implications, Faculty of Business Studies and Law, Belgrade, Serbia, 2020.


– Author of two multimedia exhibitions

– Producer/co-producer of 10 exhibitions in Belgrade from 2008 until today (in: Museum of Applied Arts, RTS Gallery, International Cultural Centre, UK Parobrod, Mikser, King Petar House, CKS Šumice).

– Co-founder of the Belgrade Initiative for Digital Diplomacy (2015-)

– Key-speaker on 16 public forums on the topic of media, culture and creative industries and their impact on society, etc. Nine independent in Belgrade: during 2008 (two each in: Dom omladine Beograd, DKSG and Biblioteca grada Beograda), and one during 2010, 2011 and 2013 in DKSG, Belgrade. Seven groups: during 2011 at the Youth Center Pančevo and SKC Kragujevac, 2012 KC Grad, Belgrade, during 2015 DKSG and UK Parobrod, Belgrade, during 2016 at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, during 2020 at the Faculty of Diplomacy and Security in Belgrade.

– Key Speaker of several conferences

– Speaker on 1st International Communication, Technology, Art and Design Congress (Key speaker Lev Manovich)

Mentorships on master’s, master’s and doctoral theses

– 9 master theses and 2 doctoral dissertations

Membership in scientific and professional associations

– Permanent member: NDAEB 2015-2018

– Regular member: Serbian Marketing Association 2012-.

– Full member: Serbian Public Relations Society 2008-2012.

Author or co-author of 5 scientific monographs and 100+ scientific articles

He speaks English and Spanish.

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Цитираност и индексирање на научним мрежама (у категоријама истраживања Research Interest Score is greater than 95% to 100% of researchers) (Top 1%) (more than 400 citations)

Available heterocitations-228 (H index 8, I10 index 7) and papers in which the author is cited, without citations in professional and graduate theses that increase the total heterocitation by about 20% (a total of about 270). Among other things, papers in which he is as an author or co-author have been cited: 9 times in international monographs, 1 in proceedings of international importance, 7 times in national monographs, 11 times in WoS and 25 in Scopus/Scimago - a total of 53 citations of the above categories.