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Institute for Serbian culture Prishtina – Leposavic

The Institute of Serbian Culture  Priština – Leposavić is a multi-disciplinary scientific institution with departments for Serbian language and literature, history, archeology, art history and ethnography. It has 55 employees (48 in the scientific sector and 7 in the administration).

The scientific sector consists of associates, including 28 doctors of science (2 scientific advisors, 3 full professors (2 expert advisors), 10 senior research associates, 15 research associates); 7 doctoral students, research assistants, 9 doctoral student, junior research аssistants and 3 doctoral students, associates.

The Institute has existed since November 1987, when the Assembly of SAP Kosovo and Metohija passed the Law on the Establishment of the Institute for the Study of the Culture of Serbs, Montenegrins, Croats and Muslims, which is the original name of today’s Institute for Serbian Culture – Priština / Leposavić. Prestigious scientific institutions in the country contributed to the determination of scientific research goals: Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Kosovo Academy of Sciences and Arts, Faculties of Philology and Philosophy in Pristina, Niš, Belgrade and Novi Sad, Albanological Institute in Pristina, as well as all independent scientific institutes in Belgrade and a large number of prominent scientists. It was decided that the Institute would be a multi-disciplinary scientific institution. Departments for Serbian language, literature, national history, art history, ethnological and ethno-musicological departments and a scientific-documentary center with a scientific library were established. Throughout its decades-long history, the Institute has evolved into a serious scientific institution that primarily deals with the study of Serbian culture on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

The Institute for Serbian culture Prishtina – Leposavic was accredited by the Decision of the Board for Accreditation of Scientific Research Organizations at the session held on July 5, 2022, as a scientific institute in the field of social and humane sciences. You can see the previous decision on the accreditation of the Institute here.

Decision on the Institute’s accreditation from July 5, 2022.