Boris Bursać PhD



He obtained the title of a graduate economist in 2013 at the Faculty of Business Economics. Afterward, he pursued master’s academic studies in the field of Terrorism, Organized Crime, and Security at the University of Belgrade, successfully defending his master’s thesis on the topic ‘Terrorist Organizations in 19th Century Russia.’ Following his master’s studies, he enrolled in and completed specialist studies in ‘Terrorism, Organized Crime, and Security’ at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, where he defended his specialist paper on the topic of ‘Islamic State.’ At the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences, he enrolled in and completed his doctoral studies in the field of ‘International Relations and European Studies.’ With the highest grade, he defended his doctoral dissertation titled ‘Types and Actors of Islamist Extremism in Nigeria in the Early 21st Century,’ under the mentorship of Dragan Simeunović, thereby earning the title of Doctor of Political Sciences.


Institute for Serbian culture Prishtina – Leposavic: 2023-present

Member of the City Council, City of Belgrade: 2022-present

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Belgrade: 2022-present

Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia: 2020-2022

Author and co-author of several scientific papers published in domestic and international journals. Participated in numerous scientific conferences both domestically and internationally.

Scientific interests in the academic career are in the field of terrorism, security, geopolitics.

He speaks English.

References: eNauka

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