Sena Mihajlović
Milošević, PhD



Sena Mihailović, research associate, born in 1986 in Vranje.


She received her BA in 2010 with a thesis titled “The motif of male beauty in the work of Laza Kostić” from the Department of Serbian Literature with South Slavic Literatures of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. In 2011, she earned her Master’s degree at her alma mater with a thesis titled “Procedures of dramatic characterization in Aleksandar Popović’s The Development of Bora Šnajder “. In 2023, she earned her PhD with a doctoral dissertation “Kosovo and Metohija in the Works of Grigorije Božović and Danilo Nikolić”.

Work experience

Since September 2011, she has been employed at the Institute for Serbian Culture in Priština, with a temporary headquarters in Leposavić.


Material and spiritual culture of Kosovo and Metohija, no. 178028. 2011–2020, project manager Dragana Janjić, PhD; official project of the Institute for Serbian Culture Pristina-Leposavić: multidisciplinary scientific research focused on the literature, art, and culture of Kosovo and Metohija.

Media and technology: new trends in information and communication under the auspices of the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, 2023.

She is a member of the Scientific Board of the Revista de istorie si teorie literară, the scientific journal of the Institute for Literary History and Theory, Romanian Academy.


She speaks English and Italian.







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