Sava Đurđevic


Sava Đurđević was born on January 23,  1999 in Novi Pazar.

He finished elementary and high school in Leposavic.

He enrolled in bachelor studies in history at the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and graduated in 2021. At the same faculty, he finished his M.A. studies, whic he completed in 2022. By defending the thesis „Modernization of Turkey – a view from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1922-1938“.

During his undergraduate and master’s academic studies, he was a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and during the final year of his undergraduate and master’s studies, he was a scholarship holder of the Fund for Young Talents of the Republic of Serbia. Average grade in undergraduate and master academic studies: 9.65 and 10.00.

In October 2022, he enrolled in PhD studies of history at the same faculty.

Since February 2023, he has been employed at the Institute for Serbian Culture Pristina – Leposavić as a research associate.

Sava Djurdjevics areas of interest and research are related to Yugoslav-Turksih relations in the twenty century, their political, cultural and economic dimesions. In addition, he deals with the emigration of the Turkish population from Yugoslavia to Turkey in the twentieth century, as well as the perception of the Ottoman and Turkish heritage in Serbia and Yugoslavia. He speaks English and Turkish, he has a basic knowledge of  Russian. He has been a Turkish language course student in Yunus Emre Institute in Belgrade for many years.

Đurđević, Sava, „Interpretacije nasilja u jugoslovenskoj štampi: Grčko-turski rat i razmena stanovništva“, Reprezentacije nasilja u jugoistočnoj Evropi 20. stoljeća, ur. (H. Kamberović),  Sarajevo, 2022. ISBN 978-9926-477-19-6