Anja Marković

Anja Marković was born in Belgrade, where she completed her high school education in linguistic and social science at the Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium.
She enrolled in undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade in 2016, majoring in Social Policy and Social Work, and completed them with an average grade of 9.20.
In 2020, she enrolled in the Master's program in Social Work at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, beginning her engagement as a teaching associate in the field of social work theory and methodology. She completed her Master's studies in 2023 with an average grade of 9.50.
She started her doctoral studies in 2023 at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, specializing in Social Policy and Social Work. She is also involved as a teaching associate and collaborator on projects at the Center for Research in Social Policy and Social Work.
In terms of non-formal education, she attended the "School of Human Rights - Vojin Dimitrijević" in November 2023 and the Interdisciplinary Summer School on Forced Displacement in July 2023. She also completed basic training as a mediator in March 2022.
Her work experience includes an internship as a research intern at Save the Children - Balkans Migration and Displacement Hub (2023), assistant in the training team in the human resources sector at Nelt (2021-2022), and personal companion in the non-governmental organization "Children's Heart" (2021).
Since June 2024, she has been employed as a junior researcher at the Institute for Serbian Culture Prishtina – Leposavic in Leposavic.
Areas of interest for her further development include: child and family protection in migration, resilience development, mental health, psychosocial support in humanitarian crises, social work with children and youth, trauma-informed approaches, and children's and human rights.
She is fluent in English and has knowledge of Russian.
Маrković, А. (2024). Rezilijentnost kod dece i mladih u prisilnim migracijama na Balkanskoj ruti, Godišnjak Fakulteta političkih nauka
National Scientific Conference "International Aspects of Social Policy and Social Work in Times of Crisis and Conflict", Belgrade: Faculty of Political Sciences, 12th December 2023.